GS Road Molestation Case and Journalistic Ethics

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Media is expected to be act as the fourth pillar of the democracy and it is being done by many dedicated and courageous journalists too. In the recent past we witnessed a great job done by Indian electronic media to unearth the scams and corruptions cases. It may be CWG scam or 2G scam; media played a vital role to pull out the corruptions to light.

But at the same time, the incident of paid news and yellow journalism are increasing day by day. It will not be enough to say that some of so called journalists are creating news to save their job! And the GS Road molestation case is the result of such frustration.

While watching the video footage of GS Road incident one scene from a Bangladeshi movie comes to my mind. In that movie, the shroud (Kaafan) seller contracts with the villain to kill the villager and the shroud seller pays commission to the villain on each piece of shroud sold to the villagers. Somehow, I get a connection between the scene of that movie and the footage of the GS Road molestation case. Otherwise, how the journalist can dare instigate a mob to do such heinous act of molestation! And most significantly, the editorial team appreciates his effort and aired the story!! The whole story isn’t indicates that the editorial team and the journalist was packed up as like as shroud merchant and the villain of that Bangaldeshi movie.

The GS Road incident is not the first incident in Guwahati. I guess, the story of Mina Begum is not forgotten. Mina Begum was also a victim of so called vigil journalist of electronic media. Her face was forcefully pulled before the camera to take an appropriate shoot. Our police are always insane as well. If administration would have taken strong action against the unethical journalists and police officers, the GS Road incident could be avoided.

But what is the role of civil society? Why we are so reluctant to these issues? Why are becoming so self centric? Are these the effect of globalization?

Today, our youth, our women do gather at bars, pubs etc and abandoned the Naamghars. Some years back, while coming to Guwahati Mahasweta Devi observed that Guwahati got more wine shops than grocery! Her observation indicated- where the Assamese society was going? And now we have reached to this stage! Once, British introduced opium to Assamese society to dominate and establish their rule. No doubt, the recent cultural aggression is another attempt to ruin the Assamese society. If we continued to be indifferent towards our cultures many more Mina and Mousomi’s life will be spoiled.

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